HAWWAA Studios

HAWWAA is a slow fashion and accessories brand created by Hawwaa Ibrahim in October 2019.​

Hi! I'm Hawwaa :) A 24-year-old Chicago-native Muslim, fashion designer, and digital artist currently based in Minneapolis.​

​I started sewing and designing at the age of 12 and began learning from various YouTube videos and tutorials while using my mother's old Hijabs as fabric. From there, I ran a fashion design and style blog called "Hello Hawwaa" and documented a variety of clothing and accessories I created from the years of 2013 to 2019.

I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and graduated in 2021 with my Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design concentrating on Children's Wear. I founded my brand in my tiny Manhattan dorm room in 2019 during my sophomore year.

I currently work full time in the fashion industry while running HAWWAA Studios!


I started designing with the belief that fashion is supposed to be fun and for everyone. HAWWAA Studios welcomes any and everyone to enjoy the variety of clothing, accessories, and colorful trinkets created for all genders and identities all while providing affordable, original, and colorful handmade fashion.

Everything I create is handmade and produces as little waste as possible, often using any leftover fabric and materials to create other products.​

Due to limited labor, me being the only hands making products, creation of products is often slow and carefully researched before any products are ready to be created, sold, and shipped. Thus saving energy, labor, and supplies. No additional samples are created and one-of-a-kind pieces allow for all products to be of use before more are created. Products are also often made to order so that excess clothing and material isn't being wasted.

I am actively working on creating product using more sustainable materials.


Questions? Requests? Feedback? Shoot me a message anytime: hellohawwaa@gmail.com

​Any questions about custom garments, check this out!